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Dagmar Delivers on Her Promises


Promised to make public safety a top priority.....

  • Assisted sheriff with increasing school resource officers & deputies.
  • Increased deputies’ pay to help mitigate expensive attrition.
  • Pressed MoDOT to make 45 Highway turn-lane safety improvements (at Monticello/Riss Lake Drive and Klamm Road). 
  • Formed citizen’s tax structure committee to recommend 10-year funding for sheriff, prosecutor, courts and parks system and put funding on ballot.

Promised to support our parks, trails and community centers.....

  • Set aside reserves for parks maintenance and repayment of YMCA bonds.
  • Implemented a COVID-relief fund for youth sports and activities to assist them through the shutdowns.
  • Created a countywide parks website listing ALL parks, trails and community center amenities in Platte County at
  • Green-lit 3 miles of important trail connects. 
  • Advocated for a new 12-turf field, multi-use youth sports complex at 152 & Platte Purchase Drive.
  • Brokered a deal to get water and sewer lines into Platte Purchase Park.

Promised fiscal responsibility and to hold the line on the County’s property tax levy.....

  • Established the $12 million CARES Act small business grant program at to prioritize small business’ survival during shutdowns.
  • Saved tax dollars by reducing staff, secured a new healthcare broker for county employees and hired a new medical examiner service.
  • Saved tax dollars by fighting $40 million bailouts in court, and won.
  • Will continue to defend our successful case in the appeals court which prevents the county’s property tax levy from doubling or tripling.
  • Advocated to legislators to give homeowners a one month window to appeal their property valuation increases, which is now state law.
  • Eliminated “creative” financing that did not allow Platte County taxpayers to vote on bond issues, however still held taxpayers responsible.

Promised to improve accessibility and transparency....

  • Hosted over 100 community coffees for public input & dialogue.
  • Listed boards for which the commission appoints and their information online.
  • Provided the public links to administrative session documents with budget impacts and video online.

Paid for by "Wood for Commissioner",
Carla Killen, Treasurer.
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