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One of the things I’m most proud of, as your southern Platte County Commissioner, is leading the Senate Bill 190 Work Group to pass Platte County’s Senior Citizens’ Real Property Tax Freeze Credit.


Senate Bill 190 Senior Citizens’ Real Property Tax Freeze-Credit:

The implementation of SB190 in Platte County enables senior citizens to apply annually for a tax credit essentially to freeze the real property taxes on their home, providing predictability and avoiding potential spikes in property tax bills. This will help give our seniors financial peace of mind, without the worry of escalating property taxes.

Homeowner applicants must be at least 62 years of age, be responsible for the payment of their home’s property taxes, and be current on paying taxes.

Real property tax re-assessment happens every odd-numbered year.  For qualified applicants, tax bills will be calculated by using 2024 as the base tax year, with a credit issued on their 2025 tax statement due to future increases on assessed value or future operational levy increases.  Levies imposed to pay for public bonds are not affected, so there may be an increase in seniors’ tax bills in those instances.  Barring any delays in software program patches, applications should be available and accepted in the Clerk’s Office beginning September 1, 2024 through May 15, 2025, in time for the 2025 valuation year.

For more information, please go to: may be emailed to  Citizens may also call the Clerk’s Office at 816-827-4075 or


Real Property Valuation Appeals:

Finally, if you believe your property has been assessed too high, I would encourage you to appeal your valuation to the Board of Equalization by July 8, 2024, especially if you are planning on applying for the Senior Tax Freeze Credit.  Our Commission has appointed this very taxpayer-friendly appeals board and you may appeal even during 2024, a non-reassessment year.  Contact the Clerk’s office at the above number or email to get that process started.

With your help in 2024, we can change the culture in the Platte County Assessor’s Office and get back to respecting taxpayers!

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